Location Analytics

Understand why certain locations perform better than others

Social media listening, streamlined field auditing, text based customer feedback with innovative reporting and more.

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Benchmark Intelligence has been the best customer service tool for Slapfish because we can assess multiple review types from customers across one platform. The data is easy to digest and rich with insight. Instead of having a manager constantly review various review sites and customer feedback platforms, we can stay up to date through Benchmark Intelligence.

Andrew Gruel ( CEO of Slapfish )

Field Audits Made Easy

Customers expect each location to be in good shape and consistent with one another. We make it simple.

  1. Build a field audit with our intuitive survey builder, deploy it instantly to the field.
  2. Field managers enter their observations with any device.
  3. Each response is graded and actionable items are automatically distilled.
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SMS Customer Feedback

SMS (Text message) customer feedback is easy on the customer and provides richer, more accurate insights.
SMS feedback and comments from all over social media are made available in an innovative reporting environment. Filter trending topics down to a single location in seconds, get notified about repeating issues and hear the customer in a more authentic way.
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Social Media Listening

Monitor the social reputation of your locations and their neighboring competitors.

Ratings contribute to each location's Benchmark Score and comments go to the same comment reporting UI as SMS comments. Trending keyword extraction and sentiment analysis turn unstructured data into insights.

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